Security structures Holding "RUS’" provides a system of various and, among other, unique security measures. They are based on physical, technical, canine resources:

While providing services, we follow STRICT PRINCIPLES:
• The security service must be RELIABLE. 

As a reliable provider of integrated security services, the Security structures holding "RUS’" guarantees full performance of its duties and contractual arrangements.
• The security service must be PROFESSIONAL.

The Security structures Holding "RUS’" is a cohesive team of highly qualified professionals with a high level of physical, psychological and technical training. Systematic professional development, on-going training process, and technical literacy increase in the process of operating technical security means, the use of modern technologies, self-organization and disciplinary responsibility – these are the necessary conditions and requirements to the daily work of our employees.

• The security service must be HIGH-TECH.

The maintenance center is a structural department of the Holding. The maintenance center inventions optimize security processes and improve technical security equipment, by that raising the security service to an up-to-date technological level.

• The security service must be OPERATIONAL.

Round-the-clock on-duty services, rapid deployment force teams, on-duty units and reserves are ready to response the "emergency” signal and arrive immediately to the object to prevent illegal actions or support stationary security posts.

• The security service must be RESPONSIBLE.

The responsibility of the Holding is established by the relationship of financial liability before its clients and complete reporting according to the contractual obligations. The Security structures Holding "RUS’" is fully liable for the values taken under protection. The Holding security departments have insurance contracts of the civil responsibility before the third parties. Cooperation with the law enforcement establishment of the Russian Federation and non-state security structures support the responsibility of the Holding security services.

• The security service must be CONFIDENTIAL.

Respect and trust, tact and non-interference in the private affairs of the client – form one of the most important criteria for the Holding security services.

• The security service must be AFFORDABLE.

Security is not a luxury, so that anyone can afford it. Individual approach to the cost calculation and the selection of particular security services allow the company to work with any client.

• The security service must be PROMISING.

The Holding service strategy focuses on building long-term, trusting and fair partnership relations with the client.

• The security service must be MANAGED.

Due to its experience with the use of audit and consulting in the industry of security services the Holding is able to develop the concept of the object security, which includes methods of security organization, remote monitoring, model analysis of the probable risk situations and threats. The decision over the complex of particular security services for the client is based on the conclusion of the audit survey. A multistage control system and personal responsibility of employees of the Holding aim to exclude the "human factor" when providing security services.
All services are provided in strict accordance with the Federal Law "On non-governmental (private) detective and security services in the Russian Federation" and other normative documents regulating security activity.