Security structures holding "RUS’" has been successfully developing on the market of private security services for 13 years already. Starting its history with a single enterprise, by 2016 the group numbers more than 20 private security organizations, providing physical security and security monitoring services of objects and cargo in Moscow, Moscow region and other regions of Russia.

The Holding management was created and continues to be staffed by reserve officers of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs and other power structures. These officers possess years of experience in protection of important state property and apply it in the organization of private security.

Comprehensive security measures are being developed for the protection of objects. This includes stationary security posts directly on the site, strengthening the security with the armed groups and rapid deployment force, remote monitoring of the object, and the installation of various security and fire systems. On-duty officers and inspection groups constantly monitor security posts activity. Year over year the Holding improves the quality of services, using the latest technical means of protection, safety equipment and new means of security guards control.

The Holding companies include the following divisions: round-the-clock on-duty services, rapid deployment force teams, on-duty units and reserves. High quality of the security services is enhanced by the company's policy aimed at the acquisition and improvement of technical and material resources. The Holding arsenal comprises service vehicles, including armored, service weapon, special means, communication means and other technical means of protection.

Within its activity the Holding closely cooperates with the law enforcement establishment of the Russian Federation, public organizations and unions. The head of the Holding has a sit on the Coordinating Council under the Department for the Protection of Public Order of the MIA of Russia. Representatives of our association belong to the association “Coordinating Center for Managers of Security and Private Investigation Enterprises”, SRO Association "School without danger", the Association "STROIBEZOPASNOST", "Union of private security enterprises of the capital city", All Russia Public Organization "Business Russia" and other organizations.