Dogs are guards and loyal companions of men by their nature. In a skillful hand of a dog breeder, the dog becomes a real weapon against the villains. Therefore, canine service is included in the set of security services provided by the Security structures Holding "RUS’". Together with modern security equipment the use of canine service, ensures reliable and high-quality life and property protection. 

Tasks the canine service:   
  • Life and property protection; 
  • Search for drugs and explosives; 
  • Patrolling the object; 
  • Maintenance of public order during mass events; 
  • Cargoes escorting. 
  • The Security structures Holding "RUS’" created canine service in 2010. 

We employ only professionals with the cynologist certificates, and our dogs are Champions and prizewinners at the national Russian competitions. They have a very fine sense of smell that allows them to detect drugs and explosives and, if necessary, take the trail and start the persecution.
Service dogs are used to escort cargoes, maintain order during mass events, guard on-duty and help in search activities, etc.
We conduct regular training sessions with service dogs; our canine service provides assistance to internal affairs agencies in carrying out joint raids and inspections of large public places. 

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