Once a security hazard appears immediate measures should be taken to localize and eliminate it. For such cases the Security structures holding "RUS’" has created special rapid deployment force teams.
The rapid deployment force specialists will immediately arrive to the object, take actions to address the dangerous situation, assist in neutralizing illegal intruders and enhance the object’s security.
The rapid deployment force teams use the latest technologies to provide qualified security assistance, including means of protection and defense, special weapons and vehicles.
IMPORTANT: The Security structures holding "RUS’" provides the rapid deployment force services only within the framework of the current legislation of the Russian Federation regulating security activities on its territory. This allows us to provide high quality security services to and prevent any kind of security hazard.   

Our services:

  • protection of individuals (including armed protection); 
  • escorting cargoes and various material values on the territory of the Russian Federation; 
  • comprehensive protection of objects of various complexity level. 
The Security structures Holding "RUS’" is a cohesive team of highly qualified specialists who perform their duties at a highly professional level. All our rapid deployment force specialists received physical and psychological training to resist different situations, passed the qualification examinations, have a permit to carry and use weapons. They also undergo permanent training process under close-to-real conditions, which allows them to be prepared for any emergency during their work.

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