The Security structures holding "RUS’" is an extensive security structure. It includes maintenance centers, qualified staff with skills of behavior in extreme situations, canine service and escort services. The Holding "RUS’" provides protection services of a wide range of objects: industrial enterprises, country houses, cottages, offices, warehouses, residential and non-residential premises, banks, restaurants, hotels and others.

 Security services comprise a complex of measures aiming at ensuring safety of the staff and property of the protected object.   Security experts would help to keep the object safe, resolve conflicts, monitor internal staff and visitors, protect the property and keep it in a proper state.

We cooperate closely with law enforcement bodies of the Russian Federation; we are actively involved in health and life protection of the citizens and in keeping safe their property from illegal actions of criminals.

The Security structures holding "RUS’" gives constant attention to its employees, tests their qualifications and required skills. We ensure our staff professional suitability by monthly trainings, workshops and seminars based on the best, in our opinion, teaching methods applied in special forces in protection of high-security objects.

As we are deeply interested in providing high-quality security services, we are constantly upgrading equipment and security technologies. Up-to-date technical security means together with our experience will enhance the safety and completely eliminate unexpected emergency or dangerous situations at the object.

At the client’s request the Holding "RUS’" experts will arrive at the object to perform its diagnostics, make a list of security recommendations and a detailed plan for their implementation. 

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