Statistics shows disappointing number of accidents, crime and property damage during mass gathering of people. This demonstrates the importance safety and security issue, which is to be managed only by the professionals.
We believe that any mass event requires the relevant security level achieved through the use of special technologies and techniques depending on the event. For example, working methods at mass outdoor activities are significantly different from those used at indoor events. And only experts are able to develop a security program for each specific case.

The Security structures Holding "RUS’" offers security services on mass events with the help of a professional security team and modern technologies. Our specialists have been thoroughly trained and possess solid experience; they know how to analyze and quickly react to a situation. Each team performs its specific functions. In their service they have personal devices (mobile communication devices, metal detectors, etc.) and specialized security systems (video surveillance, etc.)
All mass events have their own specifics; nevertheless, there is a set of mandatory procedures performed by our experts during the event:
  • inspection of the event venue and development of particular security methods; 
  • installation of surveillance systems and early detection of public order violation or attempts to commit illegal actions; 
  • cooperation with the internal affairs specialists, including the cases of illegal actions or unforeseen situations; 
  • protection of all the guests at the event; 
  • preventing people from bringing in prohibited substances, drugs and weapons; 
  • maintenance of order at the event; 
  • cleanup and handing-over the venue after the event. 
Experience of our specialists and the technology used on mass events, allows the Security structures holding "RUS’" to provide comprehensive security on any object.