Security monitoring service is one of the departments operating in the Security structures holding "RUS’". We install security alarm systems with connection to the Central Guard Control for any business-object. We pay particular attention to the installation and setup of security systems. Our experts carefully monitor the quality of the equipment used by our clients.

The main principle of the security monitoring service is to maintain constant connection of the object with the rapid deployment force teams. After the alarm button is pressed, the signal is sent to the Central monitoring station, then transferred to a reacting structure and a rapid deployment force team and the police arrive to the object within 10-15 minutes. This short arrival time is due to constant readiness of on-duty groups that keep going between objects on specially designed routes.

Our security monitoring service include:

  • expert inspection of the object to determine the place of installation of security monitoring service equipment, taking in consideration the layout of the object and the future tactics of its protection;
  • preparation of the equipment specifications (together with the client);
  • supply of the necessary equipment and installation works;
  • preparation of the necessary technical documentation;
  • warranty and post-warranty service;
  • list the responding rapid deployment force teams (together with the client);
  • round-the-clock monitoring;
  • connecting previously installed security monitoring equipment on the object to the Central Guard Control.
  • We guarantee high-quality monitoring and immediate response to the emergency alarm signal.
Each object is equipped with an emergency alarm button connected to the Central Guard Control of the Contractor and to the private security division (with the approval of the client).

Based on the characteristics of the object several types of emergency alarm buttons are used:

  1. Stationary;
  2. Portable;
  3. Stand alone (does not require installation of additional equipment);
  4. Stand alone with a built-in GSM module.
The objects most risky areas are equipped with video surveillance and infrared sensors.

Based on the characteristics of the object several types of video surveillance systems are used:

  1. Analog;
  2. IP.

cameras-rus.png*Digital video surveillance system
IP video cameras
IP video hub
USB camera
Analog video cameras
Video surveillance server

Currently the Security structures holding "RUS" is using high-tech equipment and modern cloud services that allow our clients to manage the list of services through Clients Personal Account. No matter where you are, you can always add new services or disable those that you don't need. In your Personal Account you can check your balance or pay for services whenever and wherever you are. You can also add a new proxy person, just send a request via your Personal Account. The data transmission channel is protected by encryption; secure connection is guaranteed.
The Holding includes companies providing installation and maintenance services of security equipment.