The requirements of security system and antiterrorist security of objects is constantly increasing. Railway stations, airports, various government agencies have long been equipped with various inspection equipment and arched metal detectors and introscopes.

Was created a special unit in the holding of security structures " RUS ", which included employees trained to work with such techniques and hardware and software suite. Customers put forward more stringent requirements to ensure the access regime and the regime inside the object. Modern technologies come to the aid, the use of which solves the main task - to prevent even the most carefully prepared criminal intention. 

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Metal detectors are installed at almost all object, are using the transport inspection, video surveillance systems, patrol, personal video recorder are used to document the actions of those responsible for the event. That is why it was decided to train employees to work with software and hardware complex for non-contact inspection of objects or simple - introscope. Introscopes are used not only on objects of mass stay of people, such as airports, railway stations, sports stadiums, but also on objects where the careful analysis of baggage and hand luggage on the subjects forbidden to carrying is required. 

It is necessary to take into account the specific features of each object preparing to ensure the protection of mass events, which depend on the following conditions:
  • Existing socio-economic relations;
  • The level of legalistic consciousness of a particular group of the population;
  • External realization conditions and level of organisational arrangements;
  • The number of citizens participating in the mass event;
  • The presence of a specific contingent of spectators and participants and their psychological attitude to the event;
  • Weather states

The more importance for the protection of public order in the places of mass events are technical equipment and improvement of accommodation of participants and spectators, taking into account the possibility of different options for their behavior in normal and extreme situations. More and more specialists are needed in the staff of the holding, at least, with secondary technical trading, computer knowledge, the ability to apply in practice the latest devices and equipment used in modern security activities.

The holding of security structures " RUS " carries out security activities with the use of the most modern technical and software solutions, including through non-contact inspection on small objects and places of mass stay of people.

Our employees regularly undergo refresher courses and additional training to ensure reliable protection. On protected objects is involved a large staff of certified introscopes. Their the main task – to ensure anti-terrorist measures.

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